The Cellient Automated Cell Block System

The CellientTM automated cell block system concentrates, processes, and embeds loose cells into a paraffin block ready for sectioning. User variability is minimized and tech time is reduced.

Cells are concentrated into a well in the cassette by vacuum, and subsequent washes with alcohol and xylene fix and clear the specimen. The cell button is then infiltrated with paraffin in the same cassette. The entire process takes approximately 45 minutes. The instrument can accommodate only one specimen block at a time, so high volume labs may require multiple instruments.

The standard process uses alcohol fixation. However a formalin fixed protocol is available, giving the user options in case immunohistochemistry may be required.

Complete instructions and procedures are available with the instrument.



  Figure 13: The CellientTM instrument and a cell block prepared using the Cellient method.